Our clientele consists of various AEC jobs done for commercial buildings, industrial & educational institutions.


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Our top client locations include USA, UK, Europe, Austraila, UAE and many more.

Industries We Serve!

The Staffing Industry Leader for Architecture, Engineering & Construction!

AEC Secondment Consulting Services differs greatly from other staffing agencies. We specialize in one industry with a few career focuses. Not only do we understand the AEC industry, we provide unique services tailored specifically for it.

Whether you are just entering the workforce, or looking to make a career change, partner with specialized staffing experts who provide opportunities that meet your skills, goals & interests.

Architecture Staffing

We help you discover new and unpublished job opportunities. We staff all positions from technician to project manager and will help you find architecture jobs that will fit your skill-sets.

Building Engineering Staffing

AEC Secondment Consulting Services partners with mechanical, electrical, plumbing/piping, and structural engineering professionals to provide engineering staffing across all building disciplines.

Civil Engineering Staffing

Every day at AECSCS helps connect people with the nation’s top civil engineering firms. Our recruiters excel at matching you with top firms seeking exceptional talent.

Construction Staffing

We can help you find professional construction jobs that match your skills.From virtual design and construction to BIM specialists, AECSCS can find your perfect fit. 

As a client of AEC Secondment Consulting Services you are assured of:

  • A partner-led servcie
  • Experts who understand your market requirements & have strong knowledge of the business
  • Seamless continuity of high-quality service for your business needs
  • A team or professionals who work hard to understand your specific business & its unique needs
  • Rapid access to technical guidance & support from the project team

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