About Us

AEC Secondment Consulting Services is a new service vertical launched by AEC Digital Solutions, dealing into providing both secondment & recruitment services. The idea behind this was to lessen the burden of AEC Industry in terms of hiring people for clients on project basis. We have already been working in the AEC Industry for last 6 years, having abundant in-house talent & we thought to provide secondment services to the industry.

AEC Secondment Consulting Services is a multidisciplinary consulting providing sustainable solutions to meet the planning, engineering design and project delivery needs of the property, infrastructure and other markets. We can provide “Secondment Services” for all projects in the AEC Industry. We take up as built preparation job too.

By specializing in one industry with a few Career Focuses, AEC Secondment Consulting Services has a deep understanding of the unique needs of architecture, engineering and construction firms across the globe.

Focusing exclusively on staffing for AEC means we have access to more candidates to fill your positions quickly. Many staffing agencies “focus” on all sorts of employment. AEC Secondment Consulting Services focuses on one industry – AEC Industry.

We’ve developed the most effective and results-oriented methodology for adding to AEC firms. With a refreshing approach tailored for the design industry, we have become a trusted workforce solutions provider for larger and small firms alike.

AEC Secondment Consulting Services is a leading technical manpower outsourcing company providing engineers, designers, on secondment/ deputation to companies, dedicated to the AEC sector that provides, Design Engineer Jobs, Construction Jobs, Engineering Jobs, Architectural Jobs, Management Jobs, HR & Recruitment Jobs, Technical Jobs, Pipeline & Plumbing Jobs, etc.

We can support for you for following categories:

  • Architecture
  • Civil & Structure
  • Process
  • Piping/Plumbing
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Cost Control
  • Instrumentation & control

Why Choose AEC Secondment Consulting Services?

Finding a person to fill a  great position can be a daunting task. We do the hard work for you. Partner with AECSCS to make the process easy.

AEC Secondment Consulting Services is committed to providing the highest standards of professional services to the clients. 

While receiving our services, you can be confident that the work will be carried out by dedicated professionals with respective expertise.

AEC Secondment Consulting Services is focused on providing our clients with exceptional on-demand, seconded engineering support.

Specialized Focus
Flexible Staffing Options
Access to unpublished jobs
An Expert Support Network

Looking for:


Expand your business and extend partnerships with global companies without worrying about legal hassles of resource deployment.


We work relentlessly to achieve our goals with the passion to win by striving for excellence in whatever we do and ensure consistency between our words and actions


Save time, money and effort by outsourcing legal and financial processes involved during secondment.



Nurture your talent by giving them different roles to learn from without any limitations of staffing.

Our Clients

Clients of AEC Secondment Consulting Services includes companies of Top Architecture Firms, Top Design Firms & Contractors.

Our Team

Artee Rana
Chief Operating Officer

Artee Rana has a work experience of more than 20 years. In this dynamic industry, she is well respected for her leadership, expertise & overall ability to further the success and enviable market position of the company. She is one those COO’s who has full knowledge and is a hands-on operating person with all the technical expertise. She is responsible for overall project scheduling, delivery, quality control and customer satisfaction.

Swati Chaudhary
Manager, HR

As the manager of the HR Department & with her rich experience of 8+ years, Swati has the knowledge & skill of planning, organizing and controlling the activities and actions of the HR department; ranging from human capital management, HR Strategies, Recruitment & Hiring. She is known as an expert for hiring and recruiting people in the AEC Industry, due to her networking skills.

Renu Kushvaha
Assistant Manager, HR

Renu has an excellent experience of 7years and expertise in handling all the HR roles and responsibilities of a company. She assists clients in preparation of user requirements, ensuring clarity of goals and client expectations. She has a good network & expertise in hiring and recruiting personnel for AEC Industry.

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